About us

Introducing Arsam Pishro Company

Ventilation, Refrigeration

Our company with the name of RAFIEE TRADING CO. was established 30 years ago with credible reputation directed to distribute refrigeration & air conditioning equipment such as Compressors, Controls, Valves, Oils and refrigerants.

For the time being by founding a new company; ARSAMPISHRO we are continuing our activities with lustrous back ground of successful experience in the fields of Ammonia & Freon. Expertly knowing our customers’ requirements to supply them with a wide variety of products; is what determines our daily work. Employing the skilled team & supporting customers with the best possible services have made this company distinguished among others.

Official representation of Danfoss and Bitzer products

The official distribution of Danfoss and Bitser products is part of the company's business records, and all the components needed in air conditioning and refrigeration systems are supplied by both the Freon and Ammonia fields.