Official certification for Bitzer products distribution in Iran

screw compressor 

Screw Bitzer Compressors CSH

The CSH series compressors are the most widely used screw compressors in the air conditioning industry. Types of compressor components are included in all orders of this company and are supplied by BITZER company and are installed on compressors. Other products of this plant, such as the Ecoline line, will be the modulus of the electromotor controls, the line of entry and exit of the oil cooler according to the requirements of precommissioned customers. Aspiring Arsam has always put its capacities from 50hp to 300hp in the list of imported items to meet the needs of manufacturing and trading companies, so customers can deliver these compressors as quickly as possible. These compressors typically come with R22 gas and, if necessary, replace the oil and use R134a gas. It is necessary to explain that the import of suitable compressors with R134a gas is possible by the company and by customer order.

Bitzer Toxic Hermetic Piston Compressors NEW ECOLINE

The newest generation of toxic bomber piston hermetic compressors is the New Ecoline New Eclipse, which has a capacity of 1.5hp to 70hp for use at zero and below zero as usual in its stockpile. This series of compressors can also be provided with complete R22 gas equipment, and if required, the customer will be able to use new gases by replacing the oil. The BITZER company in this series of compressors allows the use of oil-free compressors for a capacity of 20HP, which will reduce the number of moving parts and thereby reduce the compressor’s depreciation process.

NEW ECOLINE compressor 

2Stage compressor 

Bitzer Two-stage Hermetic Toxic Piston Compressors

Two-stage BITZER piston compressors are used for full freezing and cold tunnel applications with a capacity of 12hp up to 30 hp, with the proper equipment, such as the SubCoiler Convertor, the Injection Valve Injector valve and the CIC system installed in the Bitser Plant of Germany, Human error and negligence in installation should be avoided.

Bitzer screw compressors HSN, HSK

The HSN series HSK series compressors are used by the refrigeration industry, which will be replaced by piston compressors over time. Accordingly, HSK compressors with capacities from 50hp to 180hp and HSNs in capacity of 60hp to 160hp are typically available in the company’s warehouse. The use of these compressors in central or rack engine systems, as well as submersible refrigeration and freezing tunnels has had positive and acceptable results, and has focused on the import of this series of compressors. Auxiliary equipment according to the table, as well as suitable oil separators, are made by the German Bitzer company, which is normally available and ready to be delivered to consumers.

HS screw compressors 

Ammonia compressors 

Bitzer Ammonia Compressors OSKA, OSNA

OSKA, OSNA series compressors are suitable for installation in ammonia refrigerants and are integrated with the main equipment of BITZER Company by Arsam Company. The installation and commissioning of the projects carried out by the company has resulted in consumer satisfaction and has led to an increase in the popularity of this series of compressors.


In order to guarantee the health of its compressors, BITZER Company has offered a suitable oil supply for all types of compressors.