Official certification for Suniso products distribution in Iran

under zero- R22 3GS
Above zero- R22 4GS
Tunnel- R404 SL32
under zero- R404 SL68
Above zero- R1340 SL100

Suniso Oil Functional Range


The use of proper and original oils is the most important factor in increasing the efficiency and shelf life of the refrigeration system, which makes the importance of selecting standard oil more prominent. The Synthetic and Mineral oils of the Belgian state guarantee the health of the refrigeration system.


0.914 Density at 15°C
30cSt Viscosity at 40°c
4.4cSt Viscosity at 100°c
168°c Flash point
40°c- Pour point
54°c- Flock point
74°c Aniline point
1.0 color


0.916 Density at 15°C
55cSt Viscosity at 40°c
5.9cSt Viscosity at 100°c
179°c Flash point
36°c- Pour point
48°c- Flock point
77°c Aniline point
1.0 color


0.920 Density at 15°C
100cSt Viscosity at 40°c
8.4cSt Viscosity at 100°c
182°c Flash point
24°c- Pour point
33°c- Flock point
82°c Aniline point
L2.0 color